Erik Goldfield


My mission is to make therapy fun, interactive and client-focused. I work through several different modalities (cognitive behavioral, person-centered, dialectical behavioral, and narrative) to cater the right fit of therapy to each client. I believe the client needs to be invested and feel as though they are the ones establishing and working towards their goals in order for therapy to be successful.I believe in incorporating faith and strength based approaches into therapy, not only to foster strong supports and encouragement for the client, but to help build a therapeutic relationship that promotes progress and utilizes the client’s strengths.These supports are particularly important in relationships where partners tend to focus more on negative aspects of each other, than recognizing the positive ones. I myself come from a multi-cultural background, and incorporate non-traditional methods of therapy (music, art, and biblio therapy) into my framework of established modalities. I will use humor (when appropriate) to ease the discomfort some children, teens, and even adults may feel about participating in therapy.I received my masters in Clinical Community Therapy from The University of NorthCarolina at Charlotte, and am a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Licensed Proffesional Counselor (LPC) who has worked in settings, ranging from private practice, to hospitals and schools. I utilize modern approaches to traditional methods and believe you don’t have to take yourself seriously to take your clients’ needs seriously. I view therapy, not through a mental health lens but a personal journey; one in which I am excited to be a part of.