Joanna Flemister


How can you open up without fear of rejection or criticism? How about when it feels impossible to express emotions that are not yet words? That is what I feel my calling is; to create an environment where both women and children open their hearts in their own unique way as I support them allowing individuals to lead as I follow; or as I walk side- by-side on their journey. I received my Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Now, as I pursue my License Professional Counselor’s licenses for both North Carolina and South Carolina, I express my faith through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Brief Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, and various play and art therapy techniques useful in helping individuals express, examine, and change their situations. Personally; I have experienced many struggles and joys as a woman, spouse, and mother. I have faced single parenthood, the challenges and accomplishments of my teenagers’ life experiences, and adjusting to my eldest’s college years. I believe that my professional and personal experiences help me connect to the many challenges people face.