Acknowledging your Child’s Feelings- Part 1 of 4 in Our Summer Blog Series

Do not worry! Just because this is a 4-part series does not mean you cannot get started RIGHT AWAY! This blog talks about the benefits of acknowledging your child’s feelings. By counseling your children and simply reflecting on how they are feeling, you will: 1) convey that he/she is understood, 2) develop his/her ability to identify emotions, and 3) immediately reduce tension.

Before confrontation begins this summer, start off by identifying and naming how your child is feeling. For example, try saying, “I know you’re ANGRY, BORED, SAD, LONELY, or EXCITED.”

As mentioned above, this tool will leave your child feeling as though they are understood and heard, immediately reducing confusion or tension.

On the off-chance that you are incorrect in labeling how your child feels, NO WORRIES! Giving them the opportunity to decide for themselves and change the feeling is just as helpful. Whether you as a parent have labeled the feeling or they have corrected the feeling, your children are increasing their ability to label feelings on their own either way.

Inevitably, the goal of this tool is to encourage a child’s ability to recognize and say “I am ANGRY, BORED, SAD, LONELY, or EXCITED,” and to have skills and ideas to deal with these feelings (do not worry, these skills and ideas will come in week 3).

By the end of this 4-part series, parents should feel less stress through increased confidence and control. Children should feel more understood by their parents, and more able to express themselves appropriately. Finally, boundaries and limits will be clearer, while skills and ideas to deal with emotions will be in place.

Enjoy less stress this summer through this 4-part blog series! Make sure to check back in June for the 2nd tool to set limits and strengthen relationships!

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