Adolescents and Teens

Provide Your Children With the Tools, Guidance, and Support They Need

Counseling for Teens and Adolescents

The teenage years bring mental and social changes just as much as the physical. During this season, adolescents increase their ability to think abstractly and eventually make plans and set long-term goals. Each child may progress at a different rate and may form differing views of the world or value system from their parents. As their identity and emotions continue to evolve and mature, so do new areas of potential conflict and distress. The highs get higher and the lows lower. Helping our teens understand and manage these experiences is critical for their well-being and growth into adulthood.

The need for flexibility and groundedness are essential tools while parenting these soon to be adults. We work with parents to help their teens understand uncharted waters, manage these feelings and experiences, and move forward in a healthy and constructive direction. Whether your child is just entering adolescents or is late in their teens, we are here to help you guide them.

Your Journey Starts Today

It’s time for change. We are ready, and we know you are, too.

Your Journey Starts Today

It’s Time For a Change. We’re Ready, and We Know You Are, Too.