Children's Therapy and Counseling

Counsel Your Children Through Complex Problems in a Way They Understand

Help Them Build a Healthy Future

Empower your children to make better decisions, communicate effectively, and express themselves in healthy ways. Although children are not yet equipped to process and handle obstacles in their lives through verbal means, they can do so using methods children’s therapy employs. South Charlotte Family Counseling specializes in children’s therapy and counseling, helping them understand the troubles and situations they face and teaching them how to cope and why.

Their Journey Starts Today

It’s time for change. We are ready, and we know you are, too.

Utilizing Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a process that helps children understand and cope with emotional stress or trauma in their life. This method, through play, gives them the ability to communicate their experience on a level that is age appropriate and with language and items that they relate to best. With my guidance, the child plays out hidden feelings and fears, identifies them and begins to cope with them. My goal is to expose this process for the parent and equip your child with the skills to verbalize their thoughts, feelings, fears, and needs: To claim their voice!

We Work Towards Helping You:

  • Identify and Articulate Needs
  • Develop Meaning in their Lives
  • Build Emotional Intelligence
  • Eliminate Destructive Behaviors
  • Practice Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Build Self Confidence and Happiness