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Is it bullying?

A kid shoved into a locker. Another tripped on the bus. Even the online profile set up specifically to catfish a teen. We all recognize these as examples of overt bullying; unwanted, aggressive behavior meant to take the bullying victim down. It’s behavior just about...

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The Cure for Calmness – What you need to know about how tech may be affecting your child

When your children are being stimulated and rewarded at a rate which no other activity or interaction can compete with (besides hard core drugs) then why on earth would they be happy about stopping it to engage in boring chit chat or antiquated hobbies with their elders? Parents are facing a problem today, that no other generation has had to contend with.

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Living with Your Child’s ADHD

Combined, a child diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can have up to 18 symptoms and as little as 12 symptoms — That’s an exhausting list, literally speaking!  ADHD is mentally and physically draining, not just for your developing child but for you; as well as other adults who interact with your child on a regular basis.

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Targeting Alternative Behaviors

Targeting appropriate behaviors for your child AFTER setting a limit, is arguably the most important aspect of teaching boundaries. This month’s continuation of the 4-part Summer Blog Series will be focusing on instructing your child how to express their feelings appropriately.

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