Managing Aspergers and Autism

Build their Confidence, Develop Their Social Skills, and Give Them a Better Childhood.

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If you are the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, know that you are not alone. For parents raising children with Asperger Syndrome or on the Autism Spectrum, the counselors at South Charlotte Family Counseling are here to help. You may have settled their academic side of life, but struggle with their experiential and social qualities which impact their motivation. We are here to help your child develop social skills and confidence, but more importantly provide a community to both parents and children. Just as your child is not alone on this journey, neither are you as parents. So if you are struggling and don’t know what to do next, we are here to help!

Experiences in Children Include:

  • Feelings of a sense of failure
  • Lonely
  • No involvement in activities
  • Low motivation to initiate
  • Rejected by peers
  • Depressed
  • Wants to stay at home
  • Poor eye contact
  • Poor response to  non-verbals
  • Talks in monologue
  • Receives no invitations, texts, or calls
  • Lacks  perspective or empathy in conversation
  • Makes inappropriate noises, gestures or comments

Build their Confidence, Develop Their Social Skills, and Give Them a Better Childhood.

We believe God brings each and every one of our patients into our practice. He understands the pain caused by distress and disillusionment. We want you to experience the joy of being heard, the peace of knowing there is hope, and the power of grace. We are not alone in our journey here, and neither are you. Speak with us today!