Move Forward and Find the Strength to Move Past Trauma

Trauma Cannot Be Minimized, But Can Be Overcome

Healing from trauma is a journey that may take many forms. Individual therapy is a place to start and build a foundation, offering a safe space to process and recover from what you have been through. Change occurs through a relationship with someone who is trained and cares. At South Charlotte Family Counseling PLLC, we meet you where you are and support you. We listen to your story. We hold your pain with compassion, support, and hopefulness. We move at your pace as you begin to process what feels comfortable. You have a right to free yourself from the chains that bind you to your trauma.

Common Experiences of Trauma:

  • Have you experienced trauma and find yourself living in fear?
  • Do you feel shame, anxiety, depression, low self esteem due to trauma?
  • Are you a survivor of trauma wanting to regain control of your life?
  • Are  you still reliving experiences from your traumatic childhood experiences?
  • Do you find that your relationship is filled with anxiety, fear of abandonment, anger, or fear of intimacy?
  • Are you numb, detached, apathetic in life or within relationships and see no reason why?

Learn How To Move Forward and Find the Strength to Move Past Trauma

We believe God brings each and every one of our patients into our practice. He understands the pain caused from distress and disillusionment. We want you to experience the joy of being heard, the peace of knowing there is hope, and the power of grace. We are not alone in our journey here, and neither are you. Speak with us today!

“Why are you cast down, oh my soul and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him, my salvation and my God.” Psalm 42:11