Counseling for Anxiety

Find Peace, Leave Your Anxiety Behind, and Experience Life Again.

Anxiety Does Not Define Who You Are

Emotions of panic and excessive worry are common reasons people enter into counseling. We are held to enormous standards by our work, friends, society, and ourselves, surrounded by continuous messages of danger, health concerns, family distress, and uncertainty. At South Charlotte Family Counseling, PLLC, we help you understand that your response to anxiety is not who you are, but a learned behavior. With the help of a trained professional, your anxiety can be understood, unlearned, and managed. With the right knowledge, support, and empowerment, those suffering from anxiety can break free from it. We have helped others pursue this dream, and want to help make that dream a reality for you.

Common Experiences of Anxiety Include:

  • Do you find yourself unable to fall or stay asleep at night?
  • Do thoughts constantly keep you alert or on edge?
  • Are making decisions difficult?
  • Does your body hold a lot of fear that you just can’t explain?
  • Do you find yourself working really hard to control every detail in your life to feel safe and in charge?
  • Do you keep yourself busy and crazed because you are avoiding what comes up in you when you have some free space?
  • Do you worry often what others think of you?
  • Have you experienced a physical or emotional trauma that your body just can’t seem to let go?

Find Peace, Leave Your Anxiety Behind, and Experience Life Again.

We believe God brings each and every one of our patients into our practice. He understands the pain caused from distress and disillusionment. We want you to experience the joy of being heard, the peace of knowing there is hope, and the power of grace. We are not alone in our journey here, and neither are you. Speak with us today!

“I will lead them to brooks of water, on a level road, so that none shall stumble.” Jeremiah 31:9