Counseling and Therapy for Adults

Work Through the Present to Create a Better Future

We Are Here For You

Are you depressed about today, angry about yesterday, or anxious about tomorrow? We have helped hundreds of others work through these issues and can help you, too. Counseling and therapy is a journey of the soul and a process that produces results.  We believe everyone possesses the capacity for awareness and self-direction. That inner compass, though often hidden, can help us navigate through the different seasons of life. As we listen to our clients and discover how they interact with others, we help them move forward in constructive directions and support newly learned methods of facing the obstacles that once held them back. Therapy is a safe and manageable exploration of feelings, thoughts, behaviors and meaning.

Your Journey Starts Today

It’s time for change. We are ready, and we know you are, too.

We Work Towards Helping You:

  • Build confidence in yourself
  • Trust your internal voice
  • Better navigate situations
  • Function, feel, and experience better
  • Align values, thoughts and feelings
  • Find hope, peace, and fulfillment

Your Journey Starts Today

It’s Time For a Change. We’re Ready, and We Know You Are, Too.